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The Art of Cooking

– Call us old fashioned, we haven`t changed our cooking techniques for centuries, connoisseurs of food, you are welcome.
– The use of two important ingredients. Patience and passion!!
– I have been chef for 20 years; my passion is to being authentic Indian food to you.



Signatures dishes recommended by our chef.



One of the most important social responsibilities that the company took is the initiative to carry on and work for the saudization by attracting qualified Saudis, where the company undertaking an ambitious program of saudization in collaboration with the ministry of labor and human resources fund. The company has also an active role in supporting social activities and events in collaboration with Saudi food bank (Eta`am) in addition to participating in the other scientific and social events.


Only the best ones from ones from all over the word

Simply but
Delicious experience

We Created best dinning experience for you & your family

Indian kitchen is one of Asian kitchens that Featuring food in a special taste Due to the diverse taste and the use of spices that add a wonderful flavor to food, Spices are considered essential components in India But not only add spice to the flavor but for the many health benefits, India is of the most important countries, famous for the production of spices in the world and copper chandni pick the finest Indian spices from the country of origin in order to be able to enjoy a taste of India.

Our Chef

Chef Akram

Cook northern India experienced in Indian cooking for more than 20 years in the most prestigious Indian hotels in Bombay joined Cooper chandni group in 2002

Chef Harend

Chef from India has experience of more than 15 years in the five-star restaurants in the Indian city of Goa and is characterized by preparing a delicious types of masala, has joined copper chandni group in 2014”